Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday, June 10, 2016

New Chapbook Available

From Steven Seidenberg's "Duration Knows No Law"

"The marshalling of one’s affiliates into an amalgam of instantaneous reflexes requires the exclusion of everything else. Intolerance is not merely the effect of common orders of kinship—the feint of consanguinity, both compulsive and by choice—but is equally intrinsic to the nature of discernment; to the indolence of being in a world…"

Duration Knows No Law

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Now Available Tessa Micaela's crude matter

crude matter

  it is a wing. it is two wings.

it is many counted and a territory unmappable.                

we place spaces to signify having been placed in space.                     

and why here?

it is night.

mention it is night.                

how the stars are where you are.                           

our day starts off truncated.

by this inconsistent breathing.

something like,

to unsay one has to care about

what one is not saying.         

how confined.

how molded to designation.

and as the motion made the hair fly off the forehead

the one speaking said,

it's as if the distance were all around your body,

and we begin to get worried.                                 

not wondering yet where it went.

it being an expression of standing still.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Chapbook For Sale!

It's been over a year since ypolita has offered a new book! So excited to give you all erica lewis's new chapbook, voodoo child vintage church bird house/wood. 

voodoo child vintage church bird house/wood


when i needed you last winter*

breaker breaker
this is brown sugar
something wild
inside american 
analog only skin 
between us
signifies my extinct
history is now
we paid for our songs
This singular notion 
of an absolute 
acutely aware of being 
every cell 
in my body breaks
sporting a name tag 
with a fancy title
laying here 
in the same room 
just feels like everything
summer can’t tell 
the difference
sixty settings
let’s be young
let’s pretend 
previous warmth
i mean i don’t mind
that we, too
almost always
are the absence 
of shared experience
and it is here
in the act of remembering
that my body cannot decide
whether it wants
to live or die 
we will wander around
we will find each other
perhaps ok 
will be our always
like today is yours
like you are yours
i roar for you
old endings
that begin
what do we do about that
cut your teeth 
on the lack of answers
this is where the light 
pulls and pulls you in
and severance sings 
let’s be honest
we've charmed the shit out of the world already
yes, yes we have
we have charmed the shit outta everyone

*superwoman (where were you when i needed you)

Sunday, February 09, 2014

New Chapbook available now from Sunnylyn Thibodeaux!

Against What Light


Hello fog
Hello sesame seeds stuck to the bottom of my feet
I no longer proclaim to be a ghost, a gush
according to others
“most of us never feel at home anywhere”
This has been settled
Way beyond underneath
I rode around the circle 37 times
one barefoot run, one face plant
Today is a day of waiting
not for the light, or an explanation
just for the companion at the end


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friday, August 02, 2013

Suzanne Stein's Passenger Ship


Passenger Ship


Learning to Forget

how well we pull together, don’t we? said Nora

who objected to silence just then

you may take an oar if you like

nothing seemed impossible in the beginning

black shadow of the tower falling far across the sunny water

rest a little, and let me row

the wound insists on healing

letters such a comfort

if not an opera then a requiem